Check out our competitive pricing below

Auto $50 per hour

Auto two hrs $90

Auto 5 lesson $230

Auto 10 lesson $450

Manual $60 per hour

Manual two hrs $110

one hr pre-lesson +hire car for test $160

hire car only $130

 For more information on licensing visit the RMS website


Whether an absolute beginner or you have some previous driving experience we will assess and teach you from a stage that suits your ability. We will teach you in a structured way, following our lesson plans, until we are happy that you will be able to pass your practical driving assessment

Auto to manual

Do you need to convert an auto license to manual? We take many people who have been driving on an Auto license through this course. With good road sense, confidence and control of a car this generally doesn’t take too long as you will only be learning the extra control needed for manual driving.


Previous test failure

We assess your driving and cover any weaknesses you have. We are certain that we will be able to help you to pass your test on the first attempt with us.


Overseas license

We assess your driving and correct any mistakes you may have. We advise you on how the assessment will be conducted and how you will be assessed.


Log book driving

We can help you in gaining supervised hours for your log book and helping you with aspects of your driving where you feel you would like more practice.